A bit of history...

Friday, September 7, 2012

I found picture framing quite by accident…
I was young, 19, and looking for a job, I saw a cute guy in the frame shop and decided to apply. Several months later the frame shop called and offered me a job. Immediately I loved the work. The cute guy…well… NO. Fourteen months later I moved on knowing I would frame again.
When I moved to Salida in 1978 I “knew” this would be where I would open my frame shop, someday….
…Have you ever experienced that inner “knowing”? It for me is like a higher power, God, has control of my life and I can listen or I can ignore the promptings. Generally I like to listen, although I do have a rebellious streak. It seems like my life has a gentle flow when I do listen….
…I got the opportunity in July 1981 to buy a frame shop here in Salida. I started out in a small two-bedroom apartment downtown. A couple years later my best friend and soon to become husband, Jack, talked me into moving into an alley location next to his antique store. A year or so later, September 1984, Jack and I got married and the next spring bought our building at 148 North F Street. We combined our businesses and for the next 27 years we served our customers the best we knew how.
This past November 2011, a young businessman looking to start his business downtown approached us. He shared with us what he was looking for in a business space and how he planned to run his business. As Jack and I listened and pondered what we were hearing we realized that we were being called to rent our building to this young entrepreneur…. That spiritual voice, God, was speaking to us again…. We had to say yes.
We signed a lease the end of November and had five months to move 27 years of business to our home studios at 28 Hillside, Salida. We moved something everyday for five months; it was amazing to see how our stuff multiplied as we moved…. There are SO many stories of God’s provision as we made our move I can’t even begin to share them here.
The frame shop fits in the front studio just perfectly, as if the building were built for it. Jack’s studio holds his antiques and found object art supplies. We are happy in our new studios they function well; they are quiet and places where we can really focus on the work before us. We are thankful.



I love your blog, Linda!!! I wish we could meet in person!!! Linda
Hi Linda, Hopefully our paths will cross. You are so kind and doing business has always been a pleasure. Thank you!
I love your site...what a great blog...what a great communication of your story...continue on friend..beautiful work and inspiration. Can't wait to see the new inspirations you and Jack create.
I just discovered your site and blog. Love it! This is a great way to better get to know you and Jack and your work. Thank you for the opportunity.