Jack Chivvis

After taking most of last year (2014) off I am back to work making wall sculpture "faces" out of old and rusty sheet metal  found objects and paint. I am doing a lot of hammering and cutting to create my charactors and am having tons of fun playing with different expressions. Many are quite whimsical and light-hearted as I love to make people smile and laugh. Most are meant to be hung in gardens and on patio walls and can be exposed to the weather. I have  a one man show that is up at our local medical center and just finished  participating in the bi-annual Salida studio tour Aug. 8th & 9th. Great time meeting people and showing off my studio. I am maintaining an inventory of new work so friends and clients are always welcome to visit and check out my garden wall gallery. just give us a shout 719-539-4001. or my cell @ 719-221-4503  Jack