Jack Chivvis

For those of you who have been wondering what I have been up to this last year???    Well... right after we moved from our gallery to our home studios ( april 2012) I slipped and fell and had a pretty bad concussion that put me out of commision for the summer as far as getting much of anything done.  We took a vacation to The Canyonlands of Utah in September and I started to feel much better-no brain work, just alot of hiking in slot canyons. Then this last winter tried my hand at a new project; I bought an old beat up 1962 10 ft. trailer and tore it completely apart, redesigned and built  a new mini  "canned ham"  from the frame up! I did do some cross commisions for two churches (7 for one and 3 for another) but not much other art over the winter. It was good to take a break from making art and without the gallery to run I felt like I was adjusting to my new pace of life.This spring I got together some new and old painted metal peices and put together a small show at  the Wanderlust Road ( a really hip second hand shop in Salida). And FINALLY  this summer I am fired up again with a new series of really different assemblage faces all made from some of the great old stuff I have been collecting for years. I am happy as a clam when hammering away on a peice of old metal making something new. It has been a big adjustment  for us to be working at at home and not in our gallery  ( which we rented out for a bike shop- the Salida Bike Co.) but we are really loving it and are looking forward to some great and productive years. Friends and clients are always welcome to visit, just give us a shout 719-539-4001.  Jack