Frames Portfolio

I believe beautiful framing should always enhance the artwork without overwhelming it. My goal, using color, design and style, is to draw the viewer’s eye to the artwork first and foremost. The mat, frame and glass components work in harmony to compliment and—through the use of archival materials—protect the art.

Call me and let me know how I can help enhance and protect your piece of art.

Included in this portfolio is some of the frame work done for customers through the years.

  • Jack Chivvis
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    Civil War Era 35 Star Flag

    This 35 star flag is from the Civil War, valid from June 1863 to October 1864. It is 4.5' x 8' oversized, fragile and intimidating.
    I stitched it to a piece of linen fabric to stabilize it. I then stretched by lacing the linen over a double thick piece of foamcore I pieced together that was covered with 100% cotton batting. 
    A spacer was placed between the flag and the plexiglass so the flag would not touch the plexi. The flag was then fitted with a simple rustic style frame.
    This piece was donated by the owner to our local school district, it hangs in the lobby of Longfellow Elementary School.

  • Beatles Shadowbox

    Capturing a memory of youth... We wanted to display this collection in an appealing way that brought back the energetic feel of the times.

  • Embroidered Pant Leg

    This pant leg was embroidered by my customers Grandmother.  The pant leg represents many fond memories. We wanted to keep this piece simple and show respect to the Grandmother.

  • Classic Car

    The shape of the artwork design demanded that the mat be cut to complement that shape.

  • Swimmer

    This piece has the rich wonderful color of water. We wanted to expand the feel of the water with the blue tones and then we used the complementry color for the frame to draw the eye back toward the swimmer.

  • Photo by Linda Lovell
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    Art Deco Frame

    This piece is an antique magazine cover with a Halloween image. It looks like it has a simple triple mat, but if you look closely, you'll see that I cut the top mat in two tones to match the dark and light tones in the background. The two under mats complement the lighter colors and separate the top mat from the image. I chose a very traditional gold metal leaf moulding to finish this piece.