Rustic Crosses

I like to make my  rustic wood crosses with beautifully aged 100+ year old wood that is sanded,nailed and glued. I then use combinations of hammered brass, copper, rusty tin and silver accents that are layered with small peices of leather to make them "float" giving more shadow and depth. I also sometimes use found objects and paint to get the look I am after. My crosses range from a  distinctly old world look to southwest, primitive and even sometimes  victorian in style. I even go to the trouble of using antique square cut nails to attach the last center peice. They are done one at a time by hand and no two are alike.Only in 2002 and 2003 when I was featured in the Sundance catalog did I do two limited editions of fifty each. I am currently making crosses only by commision, custom to order. Prices range from $75-$500 and sizes range from 12" to 5ft.