About Jack Chivvis

I grew up in Colorado and Nevada. My father was an avid outdoorsman and I have been hiking and camping since I was a young boy. Exploring ghost towns and old mines in Nevada as a kid began my fascination with old weathered wood, found objects and the dark patina of rusted metal. As a teenager, drawing, painting and racing motorcycles were my main interests. After high school I attended  California College of Arts and Crafts, focusing on oil and watercolor painting. But it wasn't till a few years later, at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, I Found my favorite medium. Found object assemblage.

      At 23, Finished with college and city life, I moved to central Colorado and built a rustic log cabin far back in the mountains. This was a time of adventure and reflection for five years trying my hand at different occupations including construction worker, strolling musician, ranch hand, live action stuntman and flea market dealer.

In 1980, I moved into the closest town 30 miles away, Salida Colorado. I went to work refinishing antiques and guiding white-water raft trips. I opened my own antique shop in Salida in 1981. In 1984 I married my wife Linda and In 1985, combined my shop with her art framing business and created Chivvis & Lovell. But it wasn't untill  a group of artists discovered Salida in the early 1990's that I got back into my first love Of creating art!  It has been amazing to watch Salida turn into the art town it is now.  This last fall after 27 years on the same corner we decided we wanted more studio time so have now (as of 4-1-12) moved to our home location where we have built two beautiful passive solar workshops.  As always we invite our friends and collectors to visit us for a tour and to see what we are up to.